Additional Services for Publicity Images (Headshots & Modeling Portfolios)

Extension of gallery time online (3 months included) 1/2 year


full year


Refine & reload of existing web gallery including 6 months online


CD burn per web gallery


Contacts & ReproMasterfiles

8.5x11" contact sheets - 4 to 42 images


11x17" - 8 to 84 images - very cool!


Masterfiles for repro (to 8x10")


Headshots with your name (from finished files) includes setting type for your name + 2 prints 8x10"

$30, $10 addls

Archival Display prints from prepared files: (please call for quote)

up to 17x22”


up to 11x17”


up to 8.5x11”



$15, $10 addls

Web gallery - The web gallery included with your shoot is the coolest way to view your pix and get comments from your agent, fellow performers, your mom, your main squeeze and anybody else you give the web address to! We edit blinks, funny looks and hair blowing in your face so that all the pix are "possibles" and you look great. You choose your finals from that gallery and let us know which ones to retouch for reproductions. The online site expires after 3 months; you may want to extend your gallery time online: $30 for 6 months, or only $50 to have a website hosted for a full year!

You may also want to edit the web gallery further to create a leaner meaner web presence - say, your final 30 favorites - for agents and others to see.. Refine/revise & reload of existing web gallery $50-75 and includes 6 months online!

Contact sheets - You can order contact sheets of your shoot! Contacts have 30 or 42 images on the page, but we can also produce 8.5x11” contacts with only 12 pix (bigger pix to choose from!), or 11x17” "contact sheets" with 24 to 60 photos. Wow! These give contact sheets a new reputation.!
Many people order contact sheets of their favorite shots, for themselves or for their agents.

Masterfiles for publicity reproduction - 300 dpi files for reproductions up to 8x10” $55. Includes image conversion, archiving, and upload of file to Reproductions (or other repro facility). Image preparation includes color balancing and light retouching to remove blemishes, stray hairs etc. (further retouching by request; charged by time). Images are copyrighted and licensed according to your needs. Final file can be burned to cd.

Digital Resizing and File Conversion for print and web - Resized high-quality jpgs of your finished files for your website or email submissions, b&w versions, etc. We work in Photoshop with the latest software, and prepare files as your needs change. Email or call with your specs or sizing needs.

Headshots with your name! - Sometimes you only need a few prints - for a dream audition, or to test a new image from your shoot. We can add your name to a masterfile and print beautiful 8x10's with your name below the picture! We'll use your preferred font if you have one; otherwise we’ll choose font and placement for you.
Font setup and 2 8x10" outputs $30, additional prints $10.

Magnets (4x6”) Summer Special: 1st magnet $15, addl’s $10. Make your fridge cool ! (and your mom’s, your boyfriend's...)

Retouching puts the final spin on your image! Basic retouching is included in the masterfile preparation. Further retouching with client guidance 1/2 hour $60, one hour $100.

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