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Born in a log cabin in Nebraska and raised on Nietzsche whips in Munich,
Thaddeus had no idea what life held in store when he met international
travel vixen Rusty Walden. It was in dream-like Chapel Hill at the
University of North Carolina, and they were photographers for the yearbook...
Mutually smitten, the pair transported themselves to quaint yet lively Europe to
play out the next act of their ongoing photographic saga. Thaddeus had studied
philosophy in Munich as an exchange student, and Rusty had lived in Germany
as a wanton teen. In Europe they created a body of fine art photography exhibited in
Germany & Italy, and in America when they returned. After years of adventure and
continuing fascination, the two consented to be married. It's been storybook ever since...

Rusty & Thaddeus developed their team approach and perfected mixed-lighting techniques
through years of detail-oriented work in the hyper-real world of advertising.
They also coordinate the talent casting for many of their clients.
Advertising clients include Meredith Publishing, HD-TV, Hilton Hotels, Hanes Her Way, Bali Bras,
Champion Sportswear,
Performance Bicycle, L’eggs Hosiery, Gruner+Jahr, Wek Clothing, Printgear,
Bussolati & Associates, Nebraska Steakhouse, Gold Council, Cora Ginsburg LLC, & Antiques Magazine.

They are proud to have contributed to the thriving careers of publicity clients -
writers, actors, dancers, singers, directors - in New York, Washington, LA,
Chicago, Atlanta, Munich, and on tour & in regional theaters everywhere.
Among their many clients you've seen in films & commercials, on Broadway, television & YouTube:

Michael Cumpsty, John-Paul Lavoisier, Michael Pitt, Andrea Powell, Brad Letson, Beth Dover,
Briana Yacavone, Catherine Hickland, Michael Knight, & spurn comedy troupe!